The Wandering Path

What is Your Path?

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As we wander through life, we find ourselves on different paths.  A search for happiness, health, peace, inspiration... Whatever your path, please contact us if you have an item you are searching for and we will do our best to locate it.  

We hope you find something here that will help you on your journey through life. Our webstore is stocked with selected herbal blends, vitamins, teas to help a variety of health conditions from blood pressure and blood sugar support to sleep aids and more. Make your home your haven as we've added lanterns, candles, and things to pamper yourself and will continue to add more items as we locate them or hear from you! Lastly, your personal style is your own...and you should "own, love, live" it, we've ordered pendants, bracelets and other clothing items.  We hope to hear what you would like, or saw on your travels that you'd love to have and we will do our best to find it so you can have that in your life to add to your journey and memories.

Blessings on your Wandering Path!

  • Mind, body, spirit. Gulf Breeze Florida Flea Market Booth 213.
  • Therapy - treatments, harmony, expression, ritual, acceptance, patience, you.
  • Personal service. Veteran owned company. Are you searching for something, let us find it for you.
  • Essential oils, 100% concentrate & body safe. Topical use is always our recommendation. A list of our healing essential oils.
  • Belief in the power of Aromatherapy.
    Tidbits page has a short list of how we use some of these options.
  • Find a cure for health issues by addressing what is wrong in the body not just the symptom. Give it what it needs to heal.
    See the Webstore listing or About page for more information.
  • Education and information on ingredients.
  • Chinese herbal based teas for natural treatment options to help with seasonal issues, emotional stress, & tapping into creativity.
  • Unique jewelry from expressive to mantra based.
  • Crystal jewelry does help many as these natural stones can interact with your bodies natural energies.
  • Color & Scent therapy with electric & traditional oil warmer options.
  • Soy candles, unique lanterns, or other hand-crafted items are available.
  • Homage to nature. Planting a garden can not only save you money but also support companies with the eco-system in mind.
  • Pampering yourself allows for a better overall wellness as you are then willing to share the "good" side of yourself.
  • Fashion doesn't always have to be practical. Color therapy also applies to the bag you carry.
  • Divination is a way for you to talk to you not just help in times of indecision.
  • We all need to express ourselves. Art, creativity, expression is important to overall wellness and fulfillment.

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Selected herbal blends and vitamins.

Selected Herbal Blends, Vitamins and Teas

Personal selection of herbal blends, vitamins and teas

Global and world exploration through goods.

Local & Worldly Exploration

Goods and items to expand horizons or to just have a bit of a fun!

A search for self expression and inspiration.

Pursuit of Self

Variety of items to bring about focus and calm..and maybe a bit of inspiration

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