What Is Your Path? 
yin; yang; balance
The Spiral...a symbol that speaks greatly to the Owner.
The Trinity or Triquetra...the mind, the body, the spirit.
Om...a great symbol in the Owner's pursuit of a Zen or balanced life.
triskel; celtic knot; mind; body; spirit

The Wandering Path

Your Life...Your Path To Wander! 

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The incense we carry is the quality we like with clean burning properties. We focus on Gonesh due to their "not overly smokey" properties when lit. Our sage smudges are made in the manner of the Native American style and we really love their quality.

If you do wish another brand of incense or smudge type; those are easily available for us to get...you just need to ask and we shall see if we can get your favorite brand or needed type. 

**See our other sections for other items! We have so much it's difficult to post them under all the categories they could apply.