What Is Your Path? 
yin; yang; balance
The Spiral...a symbol that speaks greatly to the Owner.
The Trinity or Triquetra...the mind, the body, the spirit.
Om...a great symbol in the Owner's pursuit of a Zen or balanced life.
triskel; celtic knot; mind; body; spirit

The Wandering Path

Your Life...Your Path To Wander! 

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Blue - Clear Square Crystal - Electric Oil Warmer - 1 left!


Clear blue square glass dimple electrical warmer.


It is beautiful on or off (we also found it quite fitting without the dish on top to give a clean look for those that like that). 

Does have a “dimmer” so you can have it off, on full, or on dim. 

Photographs shows the item in  various stages and how it picks up the colors of what it sits on or in front of. 

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