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The Wandering Path 

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Web Store

Essential Oil - Galbanum or Fresh Ginger


Galbanum: Aromatic extract of the famous Persian plant and r eminds us here of a nice but musky scent. 

Graphic of some of the healing properties is here .  Our favorite properties include anti-arthritic; natural insecticide; treatment to help scars fade & heal. 

Fresh Ginger: this essential oil is from both the root & the flower.

The smell is very pleasant & it's natural properties for healing are quite impressive; our favorites are the help with muscle strain and its mood improvement properties. Graphic of some of the healing properties is here

Size: 1/2 ounce 

Staff Note:  We blend these with other scents as well as into lotions to allow for the healing effects & aromatherapy treatment to work together. All our essential oils are 100% concentrate & body safe. 

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