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The Wandering Path 

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Perfume-Style Roll-on Body Oils


9/1/16 Notification: Our supplier will no longer be carrying these as roll-on options.  We will not be re-stocking them from there but will attempt to make scents in-house available in roll-on form. Stay tuned. If you wish for the original if you've bought before..please order before they are gone. 

We all love our fancy perfumes; especially being able to take it with us. 

Well, many perfumes do come in body oil style & yes, they have the same scents as those sold at the Department Store/Boutique shops.  But these do not contain any alcohol & are body safe; and this little 1/3 ounce bottle lasts quite a long time. 

These are the current styles we have: 

African Musk - that classic scent that the Owner brought in because it is a favorite of hers.

Love Spell (Victoria Secret style) - tinted a little pink it really does smell like the one you'd find in their boutique.  

Miss Dior Cherie (Christian Dior style) - a clear liquid that is quite pleasing and smells just like the real thing without that alcohol content. 

Pretty (Elizabeth Arden style) - the stylish scent that is a favorite among many as they adore this scent and really do prefer the "roll-on" take & go version that lasts so long. 

Chance (Chanel style) - a stylish scent that has a floral but also slight musky tone to our noses. If it's your favorite...order some of this today for your on-the go version. 

Staff Note: Remember that all perfumes begin their life as an essential oil base...and while the amounts of each item is protected the ingredients used are not...hence why with a little time & analysis body oils achieving the same goal can be prepared & made available.  We may have one of your favorites available, please see the Choose your Scent page for the listings we can order in.  You can also ask us to get them in during any of our Essential Oil Facebook re-order callouts. 

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