What Is Your Path? 
yin; yang; balance
The Spiral...a symbol that speaks greatly to the Owner.
The Trinity or Triquetra...the mind, the body, the spirit.
Om...a great symbol in the Owner's pursuit of a Zen or balanced life.
triskel; celtic knot; mind; body; spirit

The Wandering Path

Your Life...Your Path To Wander! 

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Smudges - Desert Magic, Yerba Santa, or Sacred Cedar


These are classics that aid in the protection and cleansing of both your house & yourself.

Smudging is an age old method of using smoke to cleanse and balance energies.

This listing has some of the classics: 

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  • Desert Magic  - used by many for its protective and healing capabilities
  • White Sage - a California white sage 
  • Yerba Santa - a healing blend often used by many practioners 
  • Sacred Cedar - prized by many native cultures for its abilities

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