What Is Your Path? 
yin; yang; balance
The Spiral...a symbol that speaks greatly to the Owner.
The Trinity or Triquetra...the mind, the body, the spirit.
Om...a great symbol in the Owner's pursuit of a Zen or balanced life.
triskel; celtic knot; mind; body; spirit

The Wandering Path

Your Life...Your Path To Wander! 

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Pencil/Ball Style Pendulums - Labradorite


Crafting at it's best.  Each item is hand made and is cleansed so it is ready to call to you and provide you with the guidance you need. 

Your choice of: 

  • Labradorite - 1 left!
  • 7-chakra (yes 7 stones together to correspond to the Chakra)  SOLD OUT
  • Black Tourmaline SOLD OUT
Each pendulum does come stored in a star/moon gift bag. 


Pendulums can be used to answer Yes/No questions; or even used to decide where it is you feel compelled to go. Ever get that feeling you need to get out of town but don’t know where? We have used our pendulums before over map(s) and let them guide us to various places and it was always an interesting journey.

We’ve prepared the attached pictures to help aid you in using it until either you make your own Yes, No, etc.. Chart or feel free to print ours and use them (click on the image to enlarge). Pendulum mats are coming soon should you wish to purchase one of those. 

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