What Is Your Path? 
yin; yang; balance
The Spiral...a symbol that speaks greatly to the Owner.
The Trinity or Triquetra...the mind, the body, the spirit.
Om...a great symbol in the Owner's pursuit of a Zen or balanced life.
triskel; celtic knot; mind; body; spirit

The Wandering Path

Your Life...Your Path To Wander! 

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The Keep....a place where Druids & other healers, learners, etc...would gather to gain insight, information etc... 

I will try to populate this page with advice or guidance that I often provide in person.  

This page will be of my own opinions, points of view, experiences...and as always, your path is your own..if what I say makes sense and helps you...great; if not...that's okay too...as we all have paths in front of us; choices to make; understanding to gain so I take no offense if how I view something differs from yours. -BB! Liza M. Owner


(this will be moved to a sub-page as I start writing up more...but wanted to get these thoughts up while I had them). BB! Liza M. 

Smudging or clearing of a space of negative energy or influences has been used by various cultures for a very long time. 

My personal view of Smudging is as follows (I apologize if you find it too rambling):

Smudging your house or home when you feel the energy inside is “off” or “draining” is very important. Smudging can occur whenever you need to but many people can pair it with times of the year….whether it is during a marked festival time (solstice, holiday etc..); during a full moon; a storm; a sunny day..it really depends on YOU.

Smudging is a way to take your energy (or energy from a power base source) and transfer it to your home or person. So if you feel your best mid-day under the bright sun…perhaps that would be your best time to Smudge…me, I’m a night person who feels best in cooler or rainy weather with as little “sun” as possible. Just a Moon Storm Spirit so to speak.

If your home feels fine but you…feel drained or just were around a lot of negativity (coming off other people, places of travel etc..) you can smudge yourself as well to clear out what I call the “bad juju”.

Okay..what do you need to smudge? Again this depends on you..what you and/or space needs. What matters most of all…is your INTENTION. The feeling for your space or for yourself. If you intention is scared, negative, anxious, downtrodden, depressed etc…you’re just transferring that via the smoke back into the space. If anything or anyone is hanging about where they are not wanted (by you) then that entity can feed on those feelings as well. So….set your mind & body to the feeling and intention you want. NEVER smudge when you are tired, scared, angry, upset, anxious….do your best to be calm & centered on your intention…even energized by it is even better.

Do you have to chant? No…but it can help if you’ve never done it before. You can “tell” your space what you want it to be for you…solidifying that feeling. For example. “Bless this home..bless this space…make this a welcoming place. Let only those who enter here come with good intentions for those that dwell here. Let all negativity be blocked at the door..let none who wish harm enter this abode…” (forgive my impromptu rhyming …I just wanted to give you an example).

Smudging on the inside:

Areas to use that smudging smoke on…. Door frames, corners, window frames, and any mirrors you have in the home. Ensure your front door and back door know they are major entrance points…I know it may sound silly to some..but as you are setting energy clearing points in your home & an intention (feeling) to be in that space…by acknowledging places where you or others enter the most….allows for the energy there to be a bit more concentrated.

Walk each room individually. Remember your intention or feeling for each space can be different. You don’t necessarily want your guests to feel “welcomed” in your bedroom but you want them to feel that in your living room…so you can pause before each room and decide what you want that space to be before entering. I would always do outlying rooms with different “intentions” first and leave the last “welcome, relax, enjoy” type feeling most people want for a common area for last. After each room….I generally light an incense stick of a smell that reminds me or gives me that intention feeling and leave it in the center of the room to continue to set the energy levels as I continue on. Incense is recognized by many cultures or religious practices as ways to pray, cast, pay homage, clear spaces…so no reason to feel like you have to keep burning a smudge until its gone when you can tap it out and use it again later when you need it.

I’ve heard that Smudging can be part of “blessing my land” as well..is that true? 

Well that depends on your point of view on things. For me, yes I smudge while I bless and claim my land. Now..if you rent…you can’t really “claim” the space but you can basically temporarily lay claim if the land/space lets you…there are ways to do it..but you may not have as good of a “filter” as you can with land you have purchased and is yours.

Blessing or claiming your land: basically walking your barrier and adding a first blessed filter layer….think of it like when you get home and hit your front yard…you can get “cleaned” of juju a bit…then your front door cleans more…the other entrances in your home clean off more….as you’ve basically asked your land & home (and any spirit or energy entities that reside with you/around you) to recognize you as the primary living energy source and so it can work with you to keep your intentions set & allow your home to be your haven

Basics that I use for blessing my land. 

Salt, Olive Oil, and a Smudge. Some people include a feather…a candle…some individuals even bury crystals at their borders etc.. Your tools that you use are of your own choices and what you respond to. I particularly recommend Salt & Olive oil because regardless of culture, religion, or time-frame…salt & olives are recognized as divination ingredients (protection, cleansing etc..). They can help seal your intention and essentially create an invisible energy border along the line you walk. 

Decide what you want overall for your home. 

You can chant as you walk..with the smudge burning…and every so often dribble a bit of the olive oil & salt mixture (I always mix mine and carry it in my chosen chalice; some people like to use abalone shells, lions paws etc when smudging...again..your choice) along the line in front of you. The Smudge Smoke extends your invisible layer upward while the olive oil/salt mixture seals it to the ground. I re-bless/re-claim my land every few years….and usually on Full Moon nights…and if possible during my favorite times of year (when I feel most alert, strongest etc..) as I consider those times my “spirit” times….and those times have nothing to do with my physical body birth month…it is of my opinion that physical birth month may not be a persons spirit birth month…often a persons spirit birth month is the time of year they feel the best….most alert, aware, awake, have energy, ideas, etc….

Now remember when claiming your land…you don’t want it to necessarily have the same rules as your interior of your house as things you may want to dwell in your garden…need to know that while they are welcome there…inside your home…maybe not so much..Fae folk can be rather mischievous but they love having safe havens to dwell and your garden will be well tended as well as wildlife will feel safe to enter as well. You may also have protector spirits that do better outside your home rather than inside with you or your guests. Again this all depends on how you sense things…want things to be. My house has rules that those spirits needing help are allowed, however, if my guardians outside my home deem them too troubled, anxious, angry, etc..they are my “bouncers” so to speak and do their best to keep them from me as my house is my sanctuary from what I can “feel” off of people so it needs to be a calming space where I can recuperate rather than feel on edge or drained.

You can also use oils to set intention as well if you’re of a “need to physically touch” something. Example…blending up a smell that carries a strong feeling (positive) with cedar chips, sage leaves or something else etc…and rubbing it on the doorway entrances as a way to set an intention. I’ve found this works better when trying to lay temporary claim to a rental….than only just smudging/incense intention as you’re trying to dim out all other “renters” as well as not over-ride the claim by the Owner. Plus it won’t stain painted wood etc…so you can easily clean up when you vacate the space.

Brightest Blessings & Blessed Be to all of you.  I hope this helped a bit & wasn't "too much information". I promise to edit more before re-posting under it's own sub-page.  More to come.